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 "My favorite gun for everyday carry is a .38/.357 snubnose.  While the five or six shot capacity is a concern, I'm more concerned about the first shot or two than the ninth and tenth shots.  For me, the grip and natural point of a Kimber K6s, Ruger SP101 or Smith & Wesson J frame can't be beat.  When drawing and firing under stress at a close range, there is much less chance of a user induced malfunction and for me it just feels natural.  There is no magazine release to accidentally bump , no reciprocating slide to get tangled in a shirt or jacket and no malfunctions from a weak grip.  No gun is perfect, but is a compromise of capacity, power, weight, form and size.  For concealed carry, the snubnose revolver has the traits that I value while at the same time I understand its drawbacks.  The Special is a holster that I believe is ideal for belt carry of your snubnose.  The revolver carries as high as the balance point of the gun will allow.  The end grip is rolled forward to keep it from printing behind you and keep it out of the way when getting in and out of vehicles.  Most of the gun is covered to protect it leaving mainly the stocks exposed for a sure grip.  There is a hammer shield on the back which also guides the gun when reholstering.  Like a gun, a holster is also a balance of compromises.  If you have chosen a snubnose for your concealed carry handgun, I urge you to consider  'The Special' made by MD Whitefield Leather for your holster. I don't just make them everyday, I wear them everyday." 


 Durable, quality gun leather made to be worn.  I believe a simple, well thought out design and made with high quality materials is truly the best value for your dollar.  There is a reason why leather is still used for holsters and belts, and there is a reason why Hermann Oak is still producing leather after more that 100 years.  If you are looking for a quality product made with pride, then I encourage you to check out my holsters and ask questions.  Small shops like this one are some of the few places you can talk to the person who will be taking, making, packing and shipping your order.  If you have an questions or would like to discuss anything, send me an email at or give me a call at (830) 719-5541.

Thank you,
Matt Whitefield



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