All holsters, regardless of finish, are dipped in an acrylic sealer and buffed with Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish.  Re-applying a little shoe polish and buffing with a soft rag will help return the luster to a worn and dull looking holster.



A classic Texas saddle maker's finish.  The leather is lightly oiled and set in the sun to darken.  The edges are dyed mahogany and the holster is sewn with white thread.  This finish will darken with age to a golden to reddish light brown. This is the best choice for gear that will be worked in, sweated on, rained on or otherwise used hard.




A beautiful brown color sewn with brown thread and dark chocolate edges.  A great finish for working gear as well as a more formal look.





River Brown 

The same color as the Walnut but sewn with white thread.  This provides a nice contrast to make the stitching stand out.





Dark Chocolate

This is a customer favorite.  A beautiful chocolate finish with black edges and sewn with black thread. 






The holster is black inside and out with black thread.  Perfect for the professional or matching law enforcement gear.




Black & White

Black with black edges and sewn with white thread.  This provides a nice contrast and really makes the stitching stand out.