Holster Care

Breaking in your new holster is as easy as wearing it.  Your new holster will be stiff and it may be difficult to draw your gun, especially while wearing your holster.  This is normal.  The holster is formed to the gun, but now it needs to be formed to you. 
Before beginning, ensure that your firearm is unloaded.  Double check that it is unloaded and do not point your firearm at anything that you do not want to destroy.
To break in your new holster, simply put your holster on and holster your firearm.  The leather will flex as you move and begin to break in.  Wear your holstered gun for a few hours and then try to draw your firearm.  The first draw may be difficult, but once it breaks free each draw will get easier.  There is no need to put your pistol or revolver in a plastic bag to try and stretch the holster.  The holster is form fitted to the exact model gun and will stretch a little during the break in process.
Practice drawing your firearm and wearing your holster before carrying a loaded weapon.  Be sure that you are satisfied with its performance and suitability.
Your new holster comes fully finished and there is no need to apply any other products.  The smooth outside surfaces are finished with an application of Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish.  This is a high quality and easily available product.  A fresh application can return luster to a worn holster.  There is no set schedule and depends on wear and weathering of the leather.  Simply apply a little shoe polish with a soft rag and buff with a horsehair brush or soft cloth.  An old tee shirt works well.  If your holster becomes wet, allow it to air dry naturally.  Do not use any heat.  Then apply a fresh coat of shoe polish.