The Classic

The "Classic" is standard pancake holster with a slight forward cant of 10 degrees and a round shape. Made to carry at the hip in the 3 to 4 o'clock position.  This is a great holster for concealed carry of small revolvers and semi-autos (short grips).  For field use of larger gun such as 4" barrel revolvers, single actions, Glock 17/22 and 1911 government models are a natural fit.  
These holsters carry close to the body for comfort and concealment.  All holsters are made for an 1 1/2" belt and come standard with a body guard to protect you from the gun and the gun from you. All holsters are double stitched around the edges and are stitched around the belt slots. For a cleaner look, the maker's mark is stamped on the back. 
"This is a great, general purpose holster. It can be carried at 3 o'clock for concealed carry or over your back pocket to keep it out of the way. The gun sets deep and is fully covered by the leather."