The Special

The "Special" has an aggressive forward cant of 25 degrees does a good job of hiding the grip. This is the holster works well for short barrel revolvers as well as all size semi-autos for concealed carry. Made to carry behind the hip in the 4 to 5 o'clock position (over your back pocket) which keeps it out of the way.  When driving or sitting for a long time, the holster can be moved forward by the hip to present the grip at a very natural angle for the draw.  However, this holster is not the best choice for people with shoulder problems.
These holsters carry close to the body for comfort and concealment.  All holsters are made for an 1 1/2" belt and come standard with a body guard to protect you from the gun and the gun from you. All holsters are double stitched around the edges and are stitched around the belt slots. For a cleaner look, the maker's mark is stamped on the back.
"A great choice for everyday concealed carry and it does a better job of hiding the grip than the 'Classic'. I love a good revolver but I also enjoy carrying a Glock 22 in one. Just seems to keep a bigger pistol out of the way."