Custom Ammo Carrier, Magazine Pouch

Custom Ammo Carrier, Magazine Pouch

Custom leather Magazine Pouch. This is a pancake style mag pouch with slots cut for an 1 1/2" belt.

If you order a holster I will match the magazine pouch to the gun model you ordered a holster for.  If ordered separately, please email me the model of magazine you would like the pouch for. 

For everyday carry I recommend a single mag pouch with a full shield.  For range use I recommend a single or double mag pouch with a short shield.  For competitions I recommend a double mag pouch with no shield.

Available for single or double magazines and there are three options for the body shield:

"No Shield" has no shield.  The back and front are both the same height.  This is the easiest for grasping the magazine but some people find it uncomfortable. The base of the magazine may stick in the side and the magazine may pinch you when putting in the magazine.

"Short Shield" has a shield on the back that is about 1/2" tall on most models.  This helps guide the magazine and prevents pinching when replacing the magazine but stills allows a decent grasp when drawing the magazine.

"Full Shield" has a full height shield on the back and is the most comfortable.  This is the best for everyday carry but it is harder to draw the magazine.


Select Single or Double 

Select Shield Type 

Select Finish. Pictures and descriptions of the finishes can be found on the Finishes page.  

This product is made when ordered and will have a wait time.  Check the Home page for the current wait time.

$ 50.00